Product Supply Solutions, L.L.C.

Unique solutions for your unique challenges


Manufacturing and Supply Chain Key Performance Indicator Improvement

Cost Improvement - Find and implement Total Delivered Cost improvements by looking at your end to end supply chain. Together we put in place solutions that reduce total system cost and don't create hidden costs in other parts of your supply chain or business.
Efficiency Improvement - Optimize utilization and efficiency of your key assets, equipment, and production lines.
Quality Improvement - Define and fix specific product and package quality issues and put lasting Quality Assurance systems in place.
Flexibility - We work with you to define what level and kind of flexibility your business requires and then implement appropriate supply chain solutions.
 Customer Service Improvement - Design and deliver multifunctional Customer Service improvement plans that build off the strengths you already have.
 Speed to Market - Significantly improve your speed to market.

 Project Leadership, Facilitation, and Support

 New Equipment Start Up - Whether it is one small piece of equipment or a completely new or rebuilt operation, we ensure on time, on budget start ups.
 New Product Launches - New product and package launch support in your operation or across the supply chain.
 Sourcing Studies and Planning - We work with your resources to define and implement optimum sourcing strategies and tactics for your supply network.
 Restructuring - Plan and implement restructuring including staffing, production, and material supply.
 Mergers and Acquisitions - If you need to integrate a new business or product into your supply network, we will help ensure you do it seamlessly and quickly.

Staff Coaching, Development, and Training

 Coaching - We develop individual training plans for your key leaders and then coach and follow up with them to ensure they demonstrate their new skills in ways that drive your business forward.
 Staff Development and Training - Training sessions and programs tailored to your organization's needs that address your specific challenges.
 Organization Design and Renewal - Working with your resources, we develop and implement new organization structures, pay systems, and skill development systems. We deliver solutions that fit with your business challenges and unique organization culture.


 Temporary Leadership Staffing

If you need to temporarily fill a leadership gap in your organization we provide operations professionals that can quickly integrate into your organization and start delivering results immediately. Our experienced staff can quickly assess the current state of the organization and develop and execute transition plans to deliver your needs and set the stage for your future needs.